We are an Austrian company, seated approximately 70km west of Vienna. As an Austrian cleanroom construction company we have renowned customers among the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, pharmacies, microelectronics, the automotive industry, etc.

Satisfying the ever rising demands of cleanroom construction when it comes to delivering highest quality, while staying flexible has always been one of our strengths.

General information about cleanroom technology

We offer the planning, production and assembly of cleanrooms from one source. The planning phase is done in tight collaboration with our customers or their architects and technical planners and 3d models for visualization and collision testing.

Nearly all sanitary, process and electrical components can be integrated into our cleanroom walls and cleanroom ceilings (superimposed and/or flush-mounted).

Every cleanroomproject is individually planned and realized to customer/architect/specialist planner specifications.

Cleanroom surfaces can be done in stainless steel V2A (1.4301) / V4A (1.4571) or with a RAL colour powder coating.

Partners / Subcontractors / Suppliers

Because we are measured by the quality of our cleanrooms, we exclusively work with partners that we have been working with for years and with whom we had only excellent experiences. We employ these high standards to be able to offer cutting-edge cleanroom technology.

This hold especially true for automatic door drives, rapid roller doors, sliding doors with or without fire safety capabilities, lighting  etc.

Filtration technology for cleanrooms, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom , cleanroom flooring (raised floor systems), cleanroom clothing are not part of our product range but can be supplied on demand. We can also introduce contact to one of our excellent suppliers as necessary.

Cleanroom classifications

Our cleanrooms, cleanroom ceilings, cleanroom door systems, cleanroom glazings, are used at positive and negative air pressure in different cleanroom classifications according to ISO 14644-1 (ISO 5 – ISO 9) or GMP Annex 1 (cleanroom class A to cleanroom class D) respectively.

Cleanroom Filtration Systems / Air Filtration Boxes / Cleanroom Lighting  / Cleanroom 

All cleanroom components like cleanroom filtration systems, air filtration boxes or cleanroom lighting  can be easily flush-mounted into our cleanroom wall and cleanroom ceiling systems.

All cleanroom  and process plants are taken into account at the planning stage of the cleanroom system.

Likewise the components that are used in our cleanroom door systems are connected to monitoring systems.

Leakage test / Blower Door Test

At our company location we built a model room which we use to test different types of cleanroom doors at various differences in pressure (10 – 100 Pascal) for tightness. We are happy to offer those results to support your efforts to design the ventilation system.

Resistance to disinfectants

Since cleanroom disinfection is usually done using regular cleaning agents and disinfectants our systems were built to be resistant to them. All edges are powdercoated after stamping the components to prevent bare or blank spots.

If your company plans to use certain types of cleaning agents or disinfectants we are happy to perform resistance tests on our powdercoating.

The technical university of Graz already conducted resistance tests of our cleanroom wall and cleanroom ceiling systems, as well as the cleanroom silicone used in those components,  concerning hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

A list of commercial cleaning agents and disinfectants that are useable in our cleanroom systems is readily available and will be produced as necessary.

Cleanroom silicone

To produce airtight seals at the seams we exclusively use cleanroom silicone certified by the hygiene institute.

Qualification and Validation

If possible we will deliver the necessary documentation in advance as necessary.