Fire resistance class

- EI2 30-C1

- tested according to EN 1634-1 bzw. EN 1363-1

- VKF-approval nr. 31331, 31332, 31493, 31494 (2-leaf door)


In principle, all ECOS door systems are infinitely variable in height and width (graduation in mm increments), in the following section the maximum sizes of the doors are given.
These are obtained, on the one hand, by approvals, on the other hand by the maximum sizes of the plates available on the market. Special versions and special approvals can also be realized if necessary.

Max. Dimensions Swing door 1-leaf EI30

Clear height x clear width = 2250 x 1104 mm


Max. Dimensions Swing door 2-leaf EI30

Clear height x clear width = 2587 x 2550 mm


Fire protection glazing 15 mm (fire protection glass Pyrostop)
Double glazing with 2 x ESG 4 mm (toughened safety glass)

The fire protection glass is used in the middle. Two single-pane safety glazing units are externally glued on both sides flush with the surface and permanently elastic and replacement of the outer glazing is possible without dismantling the door leaf.
Glass interior permanently dust and fog free, with surrounding passe-partout in RAL color as desired.

Glazing from parapet 1150 mm, side and top Fries width of min. 120 mm required


  • EI30-cleanroom fire door systems, like EI00 clean room doors, optically no difference