Description of the door construction

Single or double-leaf swing door with 3-sided seal, door leaf stumped, door leaf band-side flush with system frame, door leaf thickness 50 mm, door frame flush with the wall, without protruding edges or corners, door leaf with or without glazing (glazing flush with the surface, analogous to clean room wall).
Execution of two leafs cleanroomdoor hinge in three parts, made of stainless steel, 3D-adjustable, maintenance free, door opening 180 ° possible (depending on handle, door closer, ...).
In the case of a double-leaf door lock of the standing vane, by means of a slide catch or folding lock catch, upwards or upwards and downwards.
When designed as a fire protection door EI30 optically the same design to non-firing doors.

Planking and surface

High quality corrosion-resistant sheet metal. All visible surfaces of the cleanroom doors will be powder-coated in a baking process based on polyester and epoxy resins. Layer thickness on average 80 μm, at least 64 μm. The surface is completely smooth with a low degree of gloss, other coating techniques (fine structure, etc.) are possible. The surface of cleanroomdoors is abrasion-resistant, easy to maintain and resistant to repeated cleaning with commercially available disinfecting and cleaning agents and withstands gassing with hydrogen peroxide.

Components made of pre-coated material are not used! All visible parts are coated after the mechanical processing, such as punching and edging!

All materials, except seals, non-combustible

Color: RAL to choice

Possible special solutions (some examples)

  • surrounding frame (4-sided seal)
  • Overflow grille in door leaf (ventilation grille)

  • Spray protection grille in door leaf (lamellar grille)

  • Flush mounting of mirrors (e.g. in sluices)

  • Magnet in door leaf

  • Internal door closer in door leaf

  • Integration of various locks and openers hidden in the door leaf


  • Door leaf flush with door frame
  • Glazing of cleanroomdoors flush with the surface

  • Door leaves 3D-adjustable

  • Installation of various E-components possible