Fire resistance class

- EI 90

- tested according to EN 1364-1 or EN 1363-1

- VKF - approval nr. 30715

Standard dimensions

Wall thickness

- fill wall: 90 mm

Wall width

- Standard grid 1200 mm
- grid dimension of 200 - 1500 mm

Wall height

- up to 3800 mm


full wall

Fire protection glazing 43 mm (fire protection glass Contraflam)
Double glazing with 2 x ESG 4 mm (toughened safety glass)

The fire protection glass is positioned in the middle of the wall element. Two toughened safety glasses are glued outside on both sides flush and jointed by silicone, the replacement of the outside glasses is possible without removal of the wall element. Glass interior permanently dust and fog free, with surrounding passepartout in RAL color as desired.

Laying of cables and pipes

It is not possible to install electrical cables and pipes in the wall element.


  • Design of the EI90 clean room fire wall system same as EI00 clean room wall, optically no difference
  • Flush mounting of the EI90 glass wall