ceiling connection
wall connection

Description of wall construction

The monoblock element consists of two steel plate shells, which are connected to one another over the entire surface by means of polyurethane rigid foam core. The elements are placed together using a tongue and groove system.

Planking and surface

Wall elements:
Coated steel sheet with polyester coating, layer thickness 25 μm, delivery with PVC protective film, which is removed after completion of the construction works, all materials except seals, non-combustible

Color: various RAL to choice

Connection profiles, frames, frames, door leaves etc .:

High quality corrosion-resistant sheet metal. All visible surfaces powder-coated in a baking process based on polyester and epoxy resins. Layer thickness on average 80 μm, at least 64 μm. The surface is completely smooth with a low degree of gloss, other coating techniques (fine structure, etc.) are possible. The surface is abrasion-resistant, easy to maintain and resistant to repeated cleaning with commercially available disinfecting and cleaning agents and withstands gassing with hydrogen peroxide.

Components made of pre-coated material are not used! All visible parts are coated after the mechanical processing, such as punching and edging!

All materials, except seals, non-combustible

Color: RAL to choice

By means of different coating methods, color deviations between wall elements and connecting profiles, frames, frames, door leaves etc. can occur.

Standard dimensions

Shell thickness

  • Sheet thickness: 0,6 mm

Wall thickness

  • 80 mm
  • special wall thickness possible

Wall width

  • Standard grid 1150 mm

Wall height

  • Limited by transport and delivery possibilities


full wall

Double glazing with 2 x ESG 6 mm (toughened safety glass)

Cut-outs for glazing are made on site. The cutting edges are covered with the glass frames.

The glass is glued on both sides flush with the inserted glass frames on both sides and jointed by silicone, the replacement of the glazing is possible without removal of the wall element.

Glass interior permanently dust and fog free, with surrounding passepartout in RAL color as desired.

Whole glass wall

Single glazing 1 x ESG 12 mm (toughened safety glass)

Mounting as an entire wall element.

The glas is positioned in the middle oft he wall element and is jointed by silicone, the replacement of the glazing is possible without removal of the wall element.

Laying of cables and pipes

Conditional installation of electrical cables possible.

It is also possible to install switches, plug-sockets and function switches.


  • High wall height possible