Ground connection
Ground connection with epoxy covering
Ceiling connection

Description of wall construction

ECOS GmbH is the manufacturer of various clean room systems. As a clean room ceiling manufacturer, we have almost all possibilities to integrate fixtures.

Prefabricated steel monoblock partition system with defined silicon joint in the element joints, encompass ground connection with tolerance compensation 20 mm. The ground connection can be made in a rebounding manner in order to allow the connection of a Pharmaterrazzo flush with the wall. The separation of the top of the Pharmaterrazzo head to the wall element forms the upper socket-profile, as a result of which the wall element can be dismantled. The ceiling connection can be used to connect the wall to the ceiling of the cleanroom, or to be free-standing (if necessary with stiffening profiles).

The monoblock element consists of two steel plate shells which are connected to one another over their entire area by means of an EPS core or a polyurethane hard foam core.

Siliconizing / Jointing

Diffusion-tight sealing of all joints with pharmaceutical-grade silicone in the appropriate ceiling color.

As a cleanroom wall manufacturer the siliconizing is also included in our range of services.

Data / Properties

Moisture behavior

The surface is water repellent and not hygroscopic.
This ensures a constant, accurate, consistent quality.

Positive and negative room pressure

resistance up to +/- 500 Pa


  • Ground connection 20mm
  • Ceiling connection 20mm
  • Wall connection +/- 15mm
  • Connections generally telescopic sliding


  • The monoblock system saves space when installed in comparison to shell construction.
  • Compensation in floor profile of 20mm possible.
  • Compensation in the ceiling rail profile of 20mm is possible.
  • defined joint between the wall elements for uniform jointing
  • It is possible to produce the two shells in different colors for a wall element. A full wall element may be arranged in a room, e.g. in color RAL 9010 and on the other side with a stainless steel surface.
  • Cut-outs including frames for fixtures are manufactured or assembled on site and can be located on site.
  • The wall thickness of all system elements (full wall, whole glass wall, doors, ...) is 80mm as standard. Therefore, elements can be easily combined or interchanged.